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NAG Chertsey, now home to HITZone Chertsey, was founded by 'Head NAG' Philippa (Billz).

'I didn't want to open another gym'.

Becomming a PT for me was about helping people to make small changes that make a big difference to their energy and vitality. Working in a large, commercial gym, almost put me off this.

Clients would struggle to find the courage, motivation or time to train between sessions. Results were near on impossible to achieve.

NAG was about creating 





NAG for me was the opportunity to create an evnironment where the gym-o-phobes cwould feel safe, comfortable and part of a community. A place where they were free to have a bit of fun and laugh every session.

April 2022, Mr HITZone (not his real name) gave me the opportunity to turn the larger studio into a HITZone and if you stalk us on social media, you will see why I couldn't refuse!!


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